Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jake's Super Food

Jake was at it again last night creating unique dishes!  This time he made a peanut butter and Sour Patch Kids sandwich.  Yum!

Cards from Teakie

Nanny Oteka sent Jake and Ella cards in the mail yesterday.  The kids were so excited to recieve mail.  They ripped the envelopes open and acted like they could read the cards.

According to Jake, his card said......"Dear Jake, I miss you so much.  I will see you next time you decide to come to the lake.  Love Nanny Teakie. P.S."  The card was really a thank you for the Valentines we sent them.

Then after Jake read his card, Ella proceeded to read her card.  She said, in her baby language, "blah, blah blah, Teakie, blah, blah."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing Tinkerbell with Uncle Robby

The kids have really grown close to their Uncle Robby.  Everytime we go to Popa Burrell's house Uncle Robby spends time playing with the kids outside or taking them for rides on the golf cart.  These pictures are too sweet not to share!

Making Pancakes with Nana

Jake and Ella are at that stage were they are always eager to help.  While at Nana's house they helped Nana make pancakes for breakfast. I think Jake thought he was using powdered sugar, becasue he tasted the flour.  It was too funny...he kept spitting to get is out of his mouth.  Jake also likes to break the eggs, but we always have to fish out the shells when he helps.

Dragonfly Boy and Butterfly Girl

Jake and Ella channeled their inner powers to play super heroes while at Popa Burrell's house a few weeks ago.  Jake was Dragonfly Boy and Ella was Butterfly Girl.  They had foam stickers on their foreheads and hands.  They ran around like they were flying and they blew on the stickers on their hands to spread their super hero powers.  I love what kids come up with! 

Dragonfly Boy

Spreading his super hero powers

Butterfly Girl

Jake Builds a Village

Jake used spare wood pieces to build a village....we were quite impressed.  He is really becoming more imaginative and creative.  He is always trying to invent new things whether it is a village of scrap wood or a club house out of pillows.  Here is his work:

Balloon Fun with Aunt Karen

Aunt Karen always knows how to have fun!  Last time we went down to the lake she broke out the balloons and air pump.  The kids had hats, swords, flowers and even a dinosaur.  Who knew Aunt Karen was so talented!  Here are some photos of the fun...

Jake and his Hat

Aunt Karen tying balloons

Jake pulling the balloon so Aunt Karen could air it up.

Jake's best buddy, the dinosaur balloon.

Ella and her balloon necklace.